Surf lesson rates


Group lessons
They are aimed at individuals, groups, families… who wish to sign up to try and discover surfing or for surfing lessons with other people. From beginner to advanced training, we put our expertise at your service. Listening, personalized advice and good spirits! The times & spots for the surf lesson are chosen according to the tide, sandbank and wave conditions.

Family pack
These are for families of 3 or more people who wish to sign up to an introduction to surfing or for surfing lessons.

Childrens’ classes “kids cool”
For children, at least 6 years old, who want to discover surfing while having fun in a safe environment. Maximum of 6 children per group.

Advanced classes
Maximum of 6 people per group. Suitable for experienced surfers (2nd degree bronze waves and above) who wish to improve their surfing skills in a safe environment. Sessions take place at mid-tide, to benefit from the best surfing conditions.

Private lessons
Maximum of 2 people per lesson. Suitable for all ages. From introductions to surfing to advanced classes. You will have your own instruction in the water for a one-hour lesson. You will progress faster. For more than 2 people, please contact us

For all kind of reservations and/or online bookings please fill in and send back our: INSCRIPTION FORM

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Taster course 1 x 90 min39,00 / pers
3 days course (3 x 90 min)110,00 / pers
5 days course (5 x 90 min)165,00 / pers
10 days course (10 x 90 min)290,00 / pers
Privat lesson 60 min70,00 / pers
Privat lesson 60 min
for 2 persons
100,00 / pers
Family Pack from - minimum 3 persons Rate per person
Taster lesson (90 min)
35,00 / pers
3 days course (3 x 90 min)
95,00 / pers
5 days course (5 x 90 min)
150,00 / pers

Kids surf « Kids cool » ( 6 - 9 years) :

Taster (1 x 90 min)35,00 / pers
3 days course (3 x 90 min)95,00 / pers
5 days course (5 x 90 min)150,00 / pers

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